How to Make Christmas Peace

We all know the scenario: It’s Christmas Day. You’ve spent the whole morning cooking delicious food and it’s time for the cozy, social and relaxed family time. Everything is perfect, except: The phone keeps blinking with notifications. Your son is hiding in his room, sending dog-eared selfies on Snapchat. And you’re feeling a bit stressed, without really knowing why. Christmas Peace still feels distant.


Get Zmartfone Blocker and avoid dealing with…


Getting a cold from open windows


A clogged toilet on Christmas Eve

Accidentally stepping on your son’s phone


Doing handy work during Church hour


Of course, we can’t give any guarantees. But we’re quite sure that we would enjoy Christmas even more if spent together, instead of online. And Zmartfone Blocker would gladly help to make that happen.

Get your 10 patches of Christmas Peace for only 14.95 USD. Order before 17th (outside of DK) or 19th of December (DK) to ensure delivery in time for Santa to arrive.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!