1 Pack - Zmartfone Blocker

1 Pack - Zmartfone Blocker


1 pack with 10 patches

Each patch has a different digital detox tip, for example: “Delete your Facebook app. Trolling your ex and reading your aunt’s inspirational quotes won’t make you happier.”

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How does it work, you wonder?

It’s simple. Just apply a patch to your smartphone screen to prevent yourself from mindless tapping, swiping and pinching. When you seriously need to use your phone – say, if your boss or mom calls – you temporarily remove the patch and park it on the back of your phone until you’re ready to give yourself another smartphone break.


Why a patch and not an app?

Nowadays, people download apps that block other apps. Good for them, but don’t you agree there’s something counterintuitive and sad about depending on technology to make you less dependent on technology? We think so, and that’s why our design team sat down to develop an analog alternative that doesn’t force you to sign over your last bit of willpower to AI.


The patch actually works!

Of all the prototypes we tested, our patch works the best. In our admittedly biased studies, we found that over time, it helps you gradually reduce smartphone addiction and its affiliated symptoms, e.g. lack of sleep, fuzzy thinking and social disconnect. And it’s all because it sits there on your screen as a gentle reminder to be your best self and live life IRL.